Superior Outdoor Concrete Solutions for Restaurant Patios in Westlake

Concrete Patio by Sundek of Austin

Outdoor Concrete Patio in Georgetown by Sundek of Austin

Because restaurant patios are an extension of the principal establishment, they need just as much design attention as the interior receives. If you have a restaurant with a patio in Westlake, making updates using the right outdoor concrete solutions will do two things: First, it will make your business more appealing to people who walk or drive by, and, second, it will offer your guests a heightened dining experience.

Regardless of your restaurant’s size or the type of food that you serve, customers want to visit an attractive place. Remember, people who come to your Westlake restaurant choose to spend their hard-earned money there, so in return, you want to do whatever you can to make their time enjoyable.

Thankfully, you have several excellent outdoor concrete solutions. As an example, you will never go wrong with epoxy. You can apply this decorative coating to both horizontal and vertical surfaces, meaning that, in addition to the patio’s floors, you can enhance the walls, along with things like fireplace surrounds, columns, and more.

What makes epoxy one of the best outdoor concrete solutions is its resistance to things like moisture, stains, oil, grease, impact, and abrasion. Therefore, even when installed outside the restaurant, it will hold up incredibly well. For years, the new surface will provide your guests with a comfortable surface to walk on and contribute to an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Acid stain is another one of the top outdoor concrete solutions. Once applied, not only does it penetrate the surface, permanently staining the concrete, but it also reacts with compounds, which produces a stunning variegated effect. Since the reaction that an acid-stained concrete product like SunAcid has with the concrete, no two surfaces are identical. If you have more than one restaurant in Westlake, you could apply product in the same color, yet get two different results so that each location has a unique personality.