3 Great Options for Repairing a Concrete Driveway

SunStamp Concrete Driveway Repair

SunStamp Commercial Concrete Driveway Repair

Many outdoor concrete surfaces require a repair at one time or another. When dealing with surface imperfections, you have several incredible solutions. With the right product, you can salvage your current patio, pool deck, walkway, porch, and so on. That means you avoid having the existing concrete ripped out and reinstalled, saving you time and the mess.

Especially when it comes to repairing a concrete driveway, it is essential that you have the work performed by an expert who uses the highest-quality products available. After all, driveways get exposed to the environment. They also get walked on, driven on, and used by kids to play basketball, ride skateboards and bikes, and so on. Three specific Sundek overlay products stand out as the best.

  1. Classic Texture – This Sundek overlay played a major role in starting the decorative concrete industry. Today, it remains a top choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. For a driveway that needs outdoor concrete repair, this overlay is ideal. Classic Texture gets sprayed on and then knocked down using the edge of a trowel that makes the surface slip resistant. The installer can also use various templates that make the surface look like tile, brick, or stone. You can even have custom graphics designed or score line cuts, aggregates, masonry effects, and beautiful colors added to enhance the driveway’s appearance further.
  2. SunStamp – This decorative concrete overlay is a blend of Old World charm and modern technology. Along with gorgeous colors using acrylic finish coats, colored oxides, or stains, you can have your driveway enhanced with custom or prefabricated templates. As a viable outdoor concrete repair solution, SunStamp will transform your driveway.
  3. SunSplash – This overlay provides optimum protection against weather, environmental pollutants, and salts. Because of that, it too will prevent future outdoor concrete repair problems from developing. An expert can enhance the appearance of your driveway using masonry effects, aggregates, or score line cuts. With an acrylic finish coat, you end up with more incredible color choices.