Helpful Hints for Choosing the Right Stamped Overlay for an Outdoor Living Area in Spicewood

Stamped Overlay

Stamped Overlay

Before choosing just any stamped overlay for your outdoor living space in Spicewood, there are a few things to consider. That way, you can choose the type, color, and pattern of the overlay that best serves your needs and makes your backyard more inviting. Whether you enjoy spending time with family members or entertaining friends, the right decision will ensure that your outdoor space is comfortable and beautiful.

Start by looking at the architectural features of the home. Ultimately, you want the outdoor living area to look and feel cohesive. That does not mean that everything has to match perfectly, but you do want the stamped overlay to be aesthetically pleasing. In addition, coordinating between your home’s architectural features and the backyard will add value should you ever decide to sell the property.

The size and shape of your yard are other considerations. For instance, if you have a small outdoor space, you probably want stamped concrete that is not overwhelming. In other words, rather than a river rock design produced by SunStamp, you could choose an overlay that resembles pebbles. However, if you have a lot of space, then you could choose a larger overlay design.

You should even consider the landscaping and lighting in your backyard. You want the stamped overlay to coordinate or complement the landscaping. If your outdoor area has a lot of mature trees, a wood overlay will tie in beautifully. As for landscape lighting, you can choose a stamped design that highlights it.

If you plan to have a stamped overlay applied to your patio area, walkway, and pool deck, you can either match all of the surfaces or mix different design effects. An expert can always provide options that will make your Spicewood home look and feel incredible.