What Decorative Coatings Are Best for an Austin Public Library and Why?

Decorative Coatings

Decorative Coatings in a Library Mezanine

For public libraries in Austin, there are many excellent decorative coatings worth consideration. While each option produces a gorgeous floor, they all have unique advantages. To improve the experience that adults have and entice children inside, many public libraries are making significant changes to their flooring systems.

SunEpoxy is one of the best decorative coatings for a public library. This flooring system has a distinct reputation for being durable. Because of its strength and durability, epoxy can withstand daily use and abuse, especially in reading rooms where children of all ages come to hear stories, work on crafts, and scour shelves of books. Another reason for choosing epoxy is that this material is available in a broad range of colors, including bright and fun options that kids love.

An acid-based stain is another decorative coating worth consideration. This type of flooring is beautiful yet strong and durable. Because SunAcid penetrates concrete, followed by reacting to it, the finished look is always original. Whether seeking a subtle or bold look for an Austin public library, an acid-stained floor is perfect.

Stamped concrete is another decorative coating option. Using a product like SunStamp, a professional installer can create a floor that resembles many natural materials. For a public library with an area where children learn about animals, a wood pattern is ideal. However, if a library has a room where children go to read about nature, then a stamped floor that resembles cobblestone or river rock would be a better choice.

For the main area of the library, there is a host of superior decorative coatings available. Depending on the product and technique, an installer can create a floor with a shiny surface or one with exposed aggregate, score lines, and other special effects. People will immediately take notice and love the library’s environment.