Create a One-of-a-Kind Aesthetic at Your Austin Bar and Grill with Stained Concrete

Stained Concrete at a Bar and Grill

Stained Concrete at a Bar and Grill

After a long time of planning and prepping, you are finally ready to make some of the most important decisions for your Austin bar and grill. Knowing that you face stiff competition, you want to make choices that will set your business apart from others. You want an establishment that has an incredible menu, outstanding staff, and a unique look and feel.

An excellent way to accomplish this is by having a stained concrete flooring system installed. With a top-of-the-line product, like SunAcid, you will be blown away at the results. This product is available in a broad range of colors, and the aesthetic is truly in a league of its own.

Regardless of the d├ęcor, theme, or color scheme of your Austin bar and grill, you will have no problem finding the perfect color for your stained concrete floor. For instance, if your bar and grill features a sports theme, you can go with bolder and brighter blues, reds, and oranges. If your establishment is more of a family-style restaurant with a homey feel, then amber, taupe, or a golden color is ideal.

There are five primary that a stained concrete floor is perfect for your Austin bar and grill.

  1. The acid penetrates the concrete, producing a permanent color.
  2. Once the acid penetrates, it reacts to a chemical in concrete, which creates a unique variegated look. Even if all of the bars and grills in and around the Austin area choose the same product and color, no two will look alike.
  3. Acid-stained concrete is easy to clean, even with heavy foot traffic and spilled food and drinks.
  4. The new floor will last a long time.

You can also use this same decorative concrete application for your bar countertops, fireplace surrounds, walls, and other surfaces. With so much versatility, you can be as subtle or over the top as you want.