Concrete Resurfacing Using the SunCanvas System by Sundek

SunCanvas micro topping interior concrete residential room with scored tile design floor with dye stain

SunCanvas micro topping interior concrete residential room with scored tile design floor with dye stain

Have you ever driven by a home or commercial site only to see a pile of rubble while a crew pours and reinstalls new concrete? If you need a new floor or wall in your home or business updated due to chipping, cracking, or discoloration, you can avoid this type of mess with concrete resurfacing.

If you want something with artistic flair, SunCanvas by Sundek is an ideal choice. As a paper-thin micro topping, it will transform an existing concrete surface, giving it a smooth and beautiful finish. For a more dramatic effect while giving the concrete a second layer of protection, an expert installer can use a clear sealer or wax in conjunction with this product.

Instead of going through the hassle and mess of tearing out a wall or floor and reinstalling it, concrete resurfacing makes far more sense. Although SunCanvas often gets applied to concrete because of its superior adhering qualities, it is also an excellent choice for other surface materials, including ceramic tile, terrazzo, marble, and even other decorative concrete overlays. Because of that, you can have this product applied to many different surfaces, both horizontally and vertically.

SunCanvas - Concrete Resurfacing

SunCanvas – Concrete Resurfacing

In addition to the beauty that SunCanvas will bring to your home or business, there are other benefits to consider. When applied without seams, you never have to worry about trapped dirt or allergens as you would with carpeting. Ultimately, this will improve indoor air quality, which is perfect for people with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems.

You will also love that this product is easy to clean and maintain. To keep your new surface in pristine condition, sweeping and damp mopping as needed are the only requirements. If you had concrete resurfacing done to an outdoor space, power washing would eliminate stubborn dirt and stains. For a complete transformation, the installer can create score lines or stencils or add the stain or integral color of your choosing.