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5 Reasons for Choosing Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings at Round Rock Service Centers

Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Automotive service centers and independent repair shops share one thing in common: The floors take a beating. Considering the type of work that goes on, you can understand why epoxy garage floor coatings in Round Rock have become the preferred solution. Between oil, grease, antifreeze, and other fluid spills; dropped tools; heavy foot and vehicle traffic; and equipment being scooted from one area to another, you need a flooring system that will hold up.

When it comes to epoxy garage floor coatings at your Round Rock business, you need a product that can handle almost anything, like SunEpoxy 54. Here are five reasons to choose this type of flooring system.

  1. Applications – Whether your service center accommodates 50 or 200 customers a day, this epoxy coating is perfect. You have it applied not only in the area where your technicians work on vehicles but also outside where cars park before servicing.
  2. Enhancements – Although this product ranks among the best epoxy garage floor coatings for Round Rock repair shops as is, you can enhance its performance. With the right additions, this coating becomes more resistant to vehicle and foot traffic, UV light, and harsh chemicals. You can also have the degree of slip resistance modified.
  3. Seamless Surface – Once applied, this thin-mil epoxy flooring system has a seamless surface. As your technicians move around and when visitors enter the service area, there is no risk of someone tripping and sustaining an injury. Rolling equipment around also becomes easier.
  4. Low Odor – Unlike several other garage floor coatings, this is a low-odor product. That way, your employees can work without a pungent smell overwhelming them.
  5. Design Possibilities – By adding quartz beads or solid or multicolored vinyl acrylic paint chips, your technicians will have a more enjoyable work environment. At the same time, the right design creates a more professional space that customers appreciate.

    Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

    Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Enhance the Safety of Pool Decking in Round Rock with the Right Decorative Concrete Overlay

Pool Decking in Round Rock Texas

Pool Decking in Round Rock Texas

Owning a home with a built-in swimming pool makes summer months more enjoyable for everyone. Especially on scorching hot days in Austin, a dip in the pool is the perfect way to cool off. As you know, it is critical that you take all the necessary precautions to keep family and friends safe. For instance, to prevent small children from entering the pool area, you need fencing with a locked gate.

When it comes to safety measures, some are more obvious than others. As for the pool decking at your Round Rock home, injuries occur for two primary reasons. First, both adults and children slip and fall. While no one should ever run around the pool, even walking on a wet surface poses the risk of injury. The second issue is that when temperatures soar, the decking becomes hot to the touch, which can burn the soles of your feet.

Improve Safety with Spray-On Textured Acrylic Overlays

To enhance the safety of the pool decking at your Round Rock home, both Classic Texture and SunSplash are perfect solutions. Both of these products are spray-on textured acrylic overlays that increase safety. They also can give your pool deck an entirely new look thanks to masonry effects, custom score cut lines, and aggregate effects.

Pool Decking in Round Rock Texas

Pool Decking in Round Rock Texas

Another benefit of using the right product for the pool decking at your Round Rock home is the ease of cleaning and maintenance. You can even choose from a broad range of colors. For instance, you can create a subtle or sophisticated look or choose a design with more artistic flair. By combining several colors, you have endless possibilities.

For the ideal outdoor living space, it is essential that you select a superior-quality product. In addition to the pool decking at your Round Rock home, you can change the appearance of other surfaces, such as a patio, walkway, and driveway.

Choices for Concrete Resurfacing in Fredericksburg

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing

If you have an indoor or outdoor concrete floor in your home or office that either looks outdated or has surface imperfections, instead of having it torn out and a new one installed, concrete resurfacing in Fredericksburg is a much better option.

As you begin searching for options specific to concrete resurfacing in Fredericksburg, you will quickly discover a host of innovative concrete overlays that benefit everyone. That means regardless of the surface or your desired look, a professional contractor or installer can bring your dream of a beautiful patio, kitchen, driveway, or something else to fruition.

Using Tuscan for a Transformation

For a customized look, Sundek’s Tuscan is a perfect choice for concrete resurfacing in Fredericksburg. This handcrafted solution produces stunning results. While installers typically use specialized tools to apply overlays, this one is hand troweled. Because of that, you can select whatever texture or pattern you prefer. Whether applied indoors or outdoors, you end up with a tailored solution. This overlay also comes in a broad range of color choices, allowing you to be as creative as you want.

Update Concrete with SunStone

Sundek’s SunStone is another incredible choice used for concrete resurfacing in Fredericksburg. This architectural limestone coating creates a surface that looks like the real deal. When family, friends, or clients come to visit, they will immediately think you had limestone installed. Talk about making an impression. Having the project completed by an expert will ensure your 100 percent satisfaction.

Benefits of Resurfacing

Beyond the obvious financial investment, concrete resurfacing in Fredericksburg offers many other benefits. For one thing, there is no mess, including dust inside and piles of broken-up concrete on the outside. Also, instead of waiting weeks, if not longer, to have the job done, a professional will have your concrete surface ready to enjoy in a few days.

Outdoor Concrete Coatings for a Patio

Outdoor concrete coatings for upscale design

Outdoor concrete coatings for upscale design

While you love your home in Lakeway, you notice the outside looking worn and drab. If you enjoy spending cool summer nights outside with family or friends or just relaxing in the morning with a cup of coffee, you want and deserve an updated patio. For this, you can select from different outdoor concrete coatings.

One benefit that comes with outdoor concrete coatings is that instead of having your existing patio ripped out and reinstalled, a decorative concrete contractor or installer can resurface it. In a few days, your old patio will transform into something unfathomable. In fact, with a beautiful new space, you can expect to find any excuse to spend time outside.


An exceptional way to accomplish your goal is with a Sundek product called SunStone. This architectural limestone coating is beautiful to look at and comfortable to walk on, and it will give your old patio new personality and character. With a look and feel that mimics natural limestone, no one will know the difference except for you and the installer.

While there are several other outdoor concrete coatings, SunStone has a unique feature. In addition to updating your patio, the installer can use the same product in a matching or different color, pattern, or texture on your pool deck and walkway. Even more exciting is that the expert can apply this coating to concrete, as well as brick, drywall, wood, cinderblock, and more. That means you can have every aspect of your patio enhanced, not just the floor.

Outdoor Concrete Coating

Outdoor Concrete Coating


SunStamp is another one of the best outdoor concrete coatings on the market. The versatility of this product is undeniable. Depending on the look that you want to achieve, you can choose a brick, wood, tile, flagstone, slate, or some other finish. Again, the completed project will perfectly mirror natural material. Available in a broad range of colors, you can get as creative as you want or stick with a more traditional design

3 Great Options for Repairing a Concrete Driveway

SunStamp Concrete Driveway Repair

SunStamp Commercial Concrete Driveway Repair

Many outdoor concrete surfaces require a repair at one time or another. When dealing with surface imperfections, you have several incredible solutions. With the right product, you can salvage your current patio, pool deck, walkway, porch, and so on. That means you avoid having the existing concrete ripped out and reinstalled, saving you time and the mess.

Especially when it comes to repairing a concrete driveway, it is essential that you have the work performed by an expert who uses the highest-quality products available. After all, driveways get exposed to the environment. They also get walked on, driven on, and used by kids to play basketball, ride skateboards and bikes, and so on. Three specific Sundek overlay products stand out as the best.

  1. Classic Texture – This Sundek overlay played a major role in starting the decorative concrete industry. Today, it remains a top choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. For a driveway that needs outdoor concrete repair, this overlay is ideal. Classic Texture gets sprayed on and then knocked down using the edge of a trowel that makes the surface slip resistant. The installer can also use various templates that make the surface look like tile, brick, or stone. You can even have custom graphics designed or score line cuts, aggregates, masonry effects, and beautiful colors added to enhance the driveway’s appearance further.
  2. SunStamp – This decorative concrete overlay is a blend of Old World charm and modern technology. Along with gorgeous colors using acrylic finish coats, colored oxides, or stains, you can have your driveway enhanced with custom or prefabricated templates. As a viable outdoor concrete repair solution, SunStamp will transform your driveway.
  3. SunSplash – This overlay provides optimum protection against weather, environmental pollutants, and salts. Because of that, it too will prevent future outdoor concrete repair problems from developing. An expert can enhance the appearance of your driveway using masonry effects, aggregates, or score line cuts. With an acrylic finish coat, you end up with more incredible color choices.