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Making a Concrete Driveway in Cedar Park Look New with Overlays

With exposure to various outdoor elements, including the sun, rain, and dirt, and subjected to a lot of vehicle traffic, grease, oil, and other substances, driveways eventually start looking haggard and worn. If this sounds like the driveway at your Cedar Park home, you might want to consider the different options for concrete overlays. When applied and sealed by a professional installer, your driveway will have new life and vitality.

Sundek on Concrete Driveway in Austin

Sundek on Concrete Driveway in Austin

An architectural limestone concrete coating is perfect. With a product like SunStone, which is one of the top overlays recommended by reputable installers, you would be stunned at the transformation. With this product, you can avoid having your existing driveway ripped out. SunStone will create a designer finish, making you the envy of your neighbors.

SunStamp is another one of the top decorative overlays that people in Cedar Park choose. Not only is this coating versatile, it is custom designed. Because a professional installer can apply this product using various templates, coloring techniques, stamps, and even freeform carving, the outcome is elegant.

Perhaps one of the best-selling concrete overlays is called Tuscan. This handcrafted custom overlay is beyond gorgeous. However, this decorative overlay is also strong, durable, and long lasting. Because an installer hand-trowels the texture, the Tuscan overlay will make your driveway appear thicker. This product, along with the others mentioned, comes in a host of beautiful colors.

By working with an expert, you can point out the things that are most important to you. Based on your information, the installer will then recommend several decorative overlays that would work best. You can then make your color selection and talk about unique patterns and textures. Once the project is complete, not only will your driveway look incredible, it will enhance the appearance of your entire Cedar Park home.

Unlimited Possibilities in Round Rock Restaurants Using Decorative Concrete

With a current population of roughly 100,000 people, Round Rock, Texas, is well known for its incredible outdoor activities, including fishing, water skiing, baseball, horseback riding, and camping. However, this growing city also has its fair share of restaurants, ranging from casual to formal. As more and more round rock restaurants pop up, owners are realizing the importance of giving customers an even better experience.

Decorative Concrete Floor Coatings by Sundek of Austin

Decorative Concrete Floor Coatings by Sundek of Austin

To accomplish that, restaurant owners are offering innovative menus and enhanced interiors. In particular, many restaurant owners in Round Rock have turned to decorative concrete. Used on floors, countertops, walls, and a variety of other horizontal and vertical surfaces, this decorative concrete solution creates a unique environment. Both customers and employees appreciate the clean style.

If you have a restaurant in Round Rock or are thinking about building one, you should seriously consider using decorative concrete on one or more surfaces. Along with the ability to customize it with a host of beautiful colors, this finish has a one of a kind finish and look. Because of that, the minute that people walk into a restaurant that utilizes it, they are immediately impressed.

When properly installed and sealed, this decorative coating can withstand heavy foot traffic, while being resistant to food and liquid spills, stains, impacts, and abrasions. As a bonus, to keep the surface in pristine condition, all it needs are sweeping and damp mopping. Overall, this decorative concrete finish offers unlimited possibilities.

For something extraordinary, a professional installer can use decorative concrete with other decorative solutions for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. As an example, you can have one color on the floors and a coordinating or complementary color on the tabletops and bar. If your restaurant has a concrete fireplace or outdoor fire pit, this type of decorative finish could enhance those surfaces, as well. To gain an edge over the competition, a decorative concrete finish is the perfect solution.

Create a One-of-a-Kind Aesthetic at Your Austin Bar and Grill with Stained Concrete

Stained Concrete at a Bar and Grill

Stained Concrete at a Bar and Grill

After a long time of planning and prepping, you are finally ready to make some of the most important decisions for your Austin bar and grill. Knowing that you face stiff competition, you want to make choices that will set your business apart from others. You want an establishment that has an incredible menu, outstanding staff, and a unique look and feel.

An excellent way to accomplish this is by having a stained concrete flooring system installed. With a top-of-the-line product, like SunAcid, you will be blown away at the results. This product is available in a broad range of colors, and the aesthetic is truly in a league of its own.

Regardless of the décor, theme, or color scheme of your Austin bar and grill, you will have no problem finding the perfect color for your stained concrete floor. For instance, if your bar and grill features a sports theme, you can go with bolder and brighter blues, reds, and oranges. If your establishment is more of a family-style restaurant with a homey feel, then amber, taupe, or a golden color is ideal.

There are five primary that a stained concrete floor is perfect for your Austin bar and grill.

  1. The acid penetrates the concrete, producing a permanent color.
  2. Once the acid penetrates, it reacts to a chemical in concrete, which creates a unique variegated look. Even if all of the bars and grills in and around the Austin area choose the same product and color, no two will look alike.
  3. Acid-stained concrete is easy to clean, even with heavy foot traffic and spilled food and drinks.
  4. The new floor will last a long time.

You can also use this same decorative concrete application for your bar countertops, fireplace surrounds, walls, and other surfaces. With so much versatility, you can be as subtle or over the top as you want.

What Decorative Coatings Are Best for an Austin Public Library and Why?

Decorative Coatings

Decorative Coatings in a Library Mezanine

For public libraries in Austin, there are many excellent decorative coatings worth consideration. While each option produces a gorgeous floor, they all have unique advantages. To improve the experience that adults have and entice children inside, many public libraries are making significant changes to their flooring systems.

SunEpoxy is one of the best decorative coatings for a public library. This flooring system has a distinct reputation for being durable. Because of its strength and durability, epoxy can withstand daily use and abuse, especially in reading rooms where children of all ages come to hear stories, work on crafts, and scour shelves of books. Another reason for choosing epoxy is that this material is available in a broad range of colors, including bright and fun options that kids love.

An acid-based stain is another decorative coating worth consideration. This type of flooring is beautiful yet strong and durable. Because SunAcid penetrates concrete, followed by reacting to it, the finished look is always original. Whether seeking a subtle or bold look for an Austin public library, an acid-stained floor is perfect.

Stamped concrete is another decorative coating option. Using a product like SunStamp, a professional installer can create a floor that resembles many natural materials. For a public library with an area where children learn about animals, a wood pattern is ideal. However, if a library has a room where children go to read about nature, then a stamped floor that resembles cobblestone or river rock would be a better choice.

For the main area of the library, there is a host of superior decorative coatings available. Depending on the product and technique, an installer can create a floor with a shiny surface or one with exposed aggregate, score lines, and other special effects. People will immediately take notice and love the library’s environment.

Make Your Austin Ranch Look More Authentic with Stamped Concrete That Looks Like Real Wood

Stamped Concrete Tuscan Wood pattern

Stamped Concrete Tuscan Wood pattern

You are living the life on a ranch in Austin. The horses are in the pasture, the chickens are running around the yard, and the smell of freshly baked apple pie fills the hot summer air. While everything seems perfect, you find yourself struggling with keeping your floors clean. Between the ranch hands, kids, and dogs coming in and out of the house, you feel as though you will never have beautiful floors.

You could have modern floors installed that are easy to clean, but then your ranch house loses its authenticity. Fortunately, you can have an expert install stamped concrete that looks exactly like real wood. Not only will your new floor complement the rustic décor of your Austin ranch, you will also spend less time cleaning. Finally, people can visit without you feeling ashamed of your floors.

Thanks to a versatile product called SunStamp, you can transform your floors yet keep your Austin ranch style authentic. Although professional installers can use this product to mimic an array of natural materials, you would end up with a floor that looks beautiful hardwood. However, you never have to worry about splinters, buffing, and all of the other special treatments required to keep real wood in prime condition.

You even have different color and style options. For example, the installer can apply the stamped concrete in the hearth room in deep brown that appears as wide wood planks and install a slightly lighter color and narrower planks in the kitchen. As a customizable product, achieving virtually any rustic aesthetic is possible.

Along with a floor that looks like natural wood, stamped concrete is strong, durable, and long lasting, making it the perfect solution for your Austin ranch. If you want to do something extraordinary, the installer can apply this finish to other surfaces, including kitchen countertops, stairways, and more. In fact, stamped concrete is an excellent outdoor application, perfect for enhancing your wraparound porch.