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The Top 3 Commercial Concrete Solutions for Businesses in Austin

Commercial concrete overlay

Commercial concrete overlay

If you have a professional business in Austin, perhaps a law firm, CPA firm, talent agency, financial consulting firm, or something similar, it is important that you consider the right commercial concrete solutions. After all, you want to represent your business in the best way possible to both prospective and current clients. From the minute people walk into your company’s location, you want them to feel welcome and relate what they see to success.

Pool Decking in Round Rock Texas

Pool Decking in Round Rock Texas

While there are far more than three commercial concrete solutions to consider for your Austin business, the following rank among the best.

  1. Handcrafted Custom Overlay – With this, a skilled artisan hand-trowels the overlay to create a customized and textured finish. Especially if you want a designer look, this is the way to go. Using a product like Tuscan, the artisan not only transforms the appearance of floors but also countertops, walls, fireplace surrounds, and even a host of outdoor surfaces. As you can imagine, a handcrafted commercial concrete solution will make your Austin company stand out from the competition.
  2. Architectural Microtopping – Talk about making an artistic expression. An artisan can also apply an architectural microtopping. With this decorative concrete application, you end up with floors that have a marbled and polished effect. As a bonus, this commercial concrete solution is seamless, hypoallergenic, easy to maintain, and covers surface imperfections, making it an excellent choice for any professional business in Austin.
  3. Stamped Concrete – Used for both indoor and outdoor applications, this commercial concrete solution is perfect for all sorts of Austin With this, the installer creates a surface that looks like brick, wood, stone, river rock, slate, and a host of other materials. However, you have several coloring options, including acrylic finish coats, stains, and colored oxides. Then, with a custom template or scoring, you can have a design made specifically for your company. Another reason for going this route is the fact that stamped concrete works on concrete along with a variety of other surface materials, including drywall, brick, and stucco.

Ideas for Taking Stained Concrete Floors to a New Level of Sophistication

Stained Concrete Floors over a Tuscan overlay

Stained Concrete Floors over a Tuscan overlay

On their own, stained concrete floors have a rich and sophisticated look. For that reason, it is common for both home and business owners to choose them over other decorative concrete solutions. Whether going with a water- or acid-based stain, using products like SunH20 or SunAcid, respectively, there are ways to achieve a high level of sophistication.

Sundek SunDye Concrete Stain

Sundek SunDye Concrete Stain

Before going over a few options, remember that the initial look you achieve varies depending on whether you opt for a water-based stain or one with an acid base. For instance, with water-based stained concrete floors, you have a much broader range of colors, especially bold and vibrant ones. In comparison, an acid stain offers fewer colors, but it results in a marbled effect that looks stunning.

  • Finishes – A skilled installer or contractor can create almost any color finish you want. As an example, if you have a home in the mountains or a casual retail store, you could have your floors colored to look like actual hardwood. Using different colors, you could even create the look of a specific variety of wood, whether mahogany, pine, oak, or something else.
  • Textures – Texturing stained concrete floors is yet another possibility. In this case, the expert would use different tools to give the color a unique texture. Not only does this change the overall appearance, but it can be dramatic or subtle.
  • Slip Resistant Aggregates – You can even choose to have aggregates added to the sealer of stained concrete floors. Something like tiny sand is a perfect way to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that also makes the floors slip-resistant.
  • Colors – While a lot of people stick with a single color, whether using a water- or an acid-based stain, you can increase the level of sophistication by choosing several colors. An expert can incorporate more than one color over the entire surface or create interesting design elements by segregating the colors. Either way, everyone will envy your floors.

Enhance the Beauty of Your Fredericksburg Home with Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

Concrete Driveway Resurfacing- Tuscan Style

If you have ever known of someone who has an existing concrete slab ripped out and reinstalled, you know about the mess and time involved. For your home in Fredericksburg, you can transform its beauty and increase its value by choosing concrete driveway resurfacing over the alternative. There is no piles of broken rubbish or dust, and an expert can complete the project usually in one day.

As part of concrete driveway resurfacing at your Fredericksburg home, select a product that creates a gorgeous yet fully functional surface. For example, using SunStone or SunStamp, you can transform your driveway and have a property with incredible curb appeal. In fact, prepare yourself for strangers asking about the decorative concrete solution you chose.

Do you want your driveway to look like genuine wood, brick, limestone, slate, river rock, or another material? With either of the products mentioned, you can achieve one of those looks. Using a stamping mat, a professional installer or contractor starts by preparing the surface, which entails making any necessary repairs, cleaning it, and then allowing it to dry.

With that complete, he carefully and strategically places the mats during the concrete driveway resurfacing process at your Fredericksburg home. With the right amount of pressure applied, the mats create the design you want. Included with this, the expert applies an overlay in the color of your choosing. Based on your preference, the professional can use more overlays and colors for customization.

Not only will a stamped concrete driveway resurfacing project at your Fredericksburg home look like another material but it will also feel like it. For instance, if you want your driveway to look like river rock, it would mimic stones perfectly but also feel like stone beneath your feet. Regardless of your choice, there is no question your house will stand out and for all the right reasons.

Opening a Coffeehouse in Pflugerville? Start with Color Flake Epoxy Floors

Color Flake Epoxy Samples

Color Flake Epoxy Samples

If you believe the floors in your new Pflugerville coffeehouse have no significant impact on business, think again. As the largest surface, the floors are the first thing people notice when walking inside. Therefore, you want something that makes your customers feel welcome. An excellent way to accomplish that is with color flake epoxy floors.

When it comes to color flake epoxy floors for your soon-to-open Pflugerville coffeehouse, you have two primary options. You could go with a product like SunEpoxy 54 to which a professional installer adds shiny flakes, or with SunMetal FX, which already contains them. Whatever you decide, you can create a homey environment where people gather for good conversation, coffee, and food.

Remember that by having color flake epoxy floors installed in your Pflugerville coffeehouse, you end up with an incredibly durable and beautiful surface. Because epoxy works well for high-traffic areas, you won’t worry about worn spots or discoloration as your business grows.

This decorative concrete coating is resistant to abrasions, impact, stains, oil, moisture, and more. There is no damage caused by a dropped cup, spilled coffee, or a chair moved across the floor. This coating will always stay pristine, serving as the foundation on which you continue to build your business.

As for the flakes, you determine the volume. Depending on the look you want, a professional installer can broadcast them to create a subtler effect or something livelier and vibrant. For color flake epoxy floors at your Pflugerville coffeehouse, you can select between clear or light-colored flakes or those with a bold tone for customization.

Epoxy also has a slip-resistant surface. The expert can enhance that by using various textures or adding aggregates. With all the benefits combined for this decorative concrete coating, people will choose to enjoy a hot, delicious cup of java at your establishment over others.

Helpful Tips for Selecting the Right Garage Floor System

Garage Floor System

Garage Floor System

Are you tired of spending time in a garage that looks and feels drab? Do you want a new garage floor system that will add some personality to this part of the home yet stand up to daily use and abuse? By knowing what to look for in a flooring solution, you can achieve both goals.

For starters, you want to choose a garage floor system capable of resisting issues like oil, grease, chemicals, stains, impact, hot tire marks, abrasions, and more. When you consider all the different things dropped and spilled on these floors, it has to have unique qualities. The wrong coating or finish would deteriorate quickly, which is what you want to avoid.

A long-lasting flooring solution is imperative. Unlike the floors inside your house, those in the garage take a beating. Although a professional installer can complete the project in just one to two days, you only want to go through this process once. Resale value is something else to consider. You and any future owners of the house will enjoy a floor that lasts a long time.

You should think about the cleaning and maintenance aspect of a garage floor system as well. Especially if you use the space to park more than one vehicle, motorcycle, or bike, and you use it for working on hobbies and special projects, you can expect it to become dirty relatively fast. By selecting a product like SunEpoxy 100, you can keep your garage floors beautiful and functional with nothing more than sweeping. For big messes, you can hose the garage out.

There are also different colors, textures, and patterns to incorporate into the design of your new garage floor system. Because these characteristics vary from one type of coating to another, make sure you select a product that offers what you want. In many cases, you can even choose more than one color, texture, or pattern for a one-of-a-kind look.